ISO 27001 - Information Security program development

Information System security Program Development

At BitWork Consult we believe that Information Security is a business issue. It should be considered part of the overall business model and strategy and given enough attention to by the top management. Our approach focuses on the entire flow of information in your organization not just the IT department, we work with you to redefine your corporate culture to secure your information assets.
While in many organizations the practice is that information security programs are implemented following an actual loss or incident, prudent business organizations address security early in their corporate life, BitWork Consult can assist your organization design a security program that is relevant to your environment. The programme looks at:

  • Aligning IT with the business strategy
  • Adding value to the business processes
  • Information Systems Risk Management
  • Managing the Information Resources
  • Managing and monitoring Information Systems Performance

Information System Program Flow

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001(formerly BS7799) is "the Code of Practice for Information Security Management" and provides organizations with the assurance of knowing that their information is being protected using controls commonly used by well-managed businesses it is designed to identify, manage and reduce the range of threats to which your information is regularly subjected.
The basic objective of the standard is to help establish and maintain an effective information management system, using a continual improvement approach.
ISO 27001 sets out the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is a systematic approach to managing the security of sensitive information - encompassing people, processes, IT systems and policy.

How can we help?

Our team of dedicated Security management professionals can assist your organization attain this certification by performing a comprehensive assessment of your existing security processes and how they are managed, and comparing them to those required by the ISO 27001 standard. A detailed report is then generated identifying the actions required for you to attain certification.

What are the benefits?

Getting ISO 27001 certification has benefits that include Organizational assurance, trading partner assurance; Competitive advantage (market leverage); reduction or elimination of trade barriers; reduced regulation costs among others.
Contact us today and see how we can assist you secure your Information systems assets.