IT Audits, Compliance Management, and IT Governance (COBIT)

Legal & Regulatory Compliance is about Ensuring that your staff, policies and procedures are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements and industry best practice.
It's the duty of senior managers who have the responsibility and accountability for risks, in particular, the task of managing information risk does not fall solely to IT managers.
Our Team carries out a Compliance Audit of your organization IT infrastructure, Policies and procedures, which will provide you with a comprehensive, and impartial, assessment of how well your organisation meets each of its legislative compliance obligations. We'll also provide you with a Structured Improvement Plan detailing the corrective actions you'll need to take to achieve compliance, we assist you ensure that corrective efforts and resources are focused on the most appropriate areas of your business.

COBIT: IT Governance, Policies, Procedures, Practices etc.
Successful organizations recognize the critical dependence of many business processes on IT, the need to comply with increasing regulatory compliance demands and the benefits of managing risk effectively.

COBIT(Control Objectives for Information and related Technology ) is an IT governance framework and supporting toolset that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks. C OBI T enables clear policy development and good practice for IT control throughout organizations. COBIT emphasizes regulatory compliance, helps organizations to increase the value attained from IT, enables alignment and simplifies implementation of the COBIT framework.
COBIT has become the de facto model for IT Governance. Our IT Governance Implementation Services provide a structured, practical, results-oriented approach that assists organizations in all the aspects of implementing COBIT.


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