RSA Archer Policy Management

Manage policies centrally, map them to objectives and guidelines, and promote awareness.



RSA Archer Policy Management provides the foundation for your governance, risk, and compliance program, with a comprehensive and consistent process for managing the lifecycle of policies and their exceptions. Our policy-management software provides a single point for creating policies, standards, and controls and mapping them to objectives, regulations, industry guidelines, and best practices. You can also communicate policies, track acceptance, assess comprehension, and manage exceptions. Powered by the RSA Archer eGRC Platform, Policy Management lets you understand what governs your organization and enables you to formulate policies that achieve corporate objectives and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Centralization - Author policies, communicate them to users, conduct training, and view exceptions from a single web portal.
  • Savings - Reduce the time and cost to create and update policies, manage exceptions, and demonstrate compliance.
  • Efficiency - Distribute content to subject-matter experts for review and approval with dynamic, flexible workflows.
  • Visibility - See gaps easily when new policies are rolled out.
  • Time to Value - Implement out of the box with predefined access roles, workflows, reports, and dashboards or tailor through point-and-click configuration.
  • Flexibility - Choose an on-premise or software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment and move between environments as your needs change.


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